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I share a workspace with Pat Snavely of Partly Sunny and we talk about soccer. A lot. Leading up to the World Cup we’ve been wondering how many lunches will be spent at a bar. We looked up game times online, used the ESPN FC app, flipped through World Cup magazines, and searched for charts that show all of the matches together. But most are overwraught and don’t deliver the pertinent information immediately. For example, seeing match times in the context of Groups isn’t helpful at all.

We needed something that we could post on the wall and easily reference. Time and day, that’s what matters. Except for one game, the Group Stage is based around four start times — for us in Seattle it’s 9am, 12pm, 1pm and 3pm. So they’re the boldest element on the page. The rest is straightforward; the Groups are there for reference, and room was left to fill in scores by hand. This was designed for Tabloid (11×17) and fits well on Super B (13×19).

Titling Gothic was chosen because it has 49 styles, something that is extremely helpful for schedules and charts. And sure makes it easy to whip up something like this at the last minute. Here I used 4 widths: Condensed, Narrow, Normal, and Wide. As well as 4 weights: Light, Regular, Medium, and Bold.

This is available for download, with four time zones included (PDF, EDT, UTC/GMT, and CET). If you see any errors, let me know and I’ll update it. After the Group Stage, I’ll make a schedule for the Knockout stage.

Now excuse us, we have some soccer — football — to watch. And some beers to drink.

License: All Rights Reserved. 

License: All Rights Reserved. 



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